Congratulations to Rachel Côté

November 21, 2017 - The West Island Symphony Orchestra (WIYSO) would like to congratulate and encourage Rachel Côté, participant of the OSM Manulife Competition – 2017.

Rachel Côté was a horn player with the West Island Youth Symphony Orchestra from 2013 to 2016. Since leaving the orchestra to study interpretation at The Glenn Gould School in Toronto, Rachel continues to accumulate enriching experiences such as an internship with the National Youth Orchestra and, this week, her participation in the OSM Manulife Competition – 2017.

She recently had these thoughts to share on her music and her time as a member of the WIYSO :

 “I owe my interest in pursuing an orchestral career to WIYSO. I still remember my first rehearsal - we were playing Resphigi’s Fountains of Rome and Dvorak’s Symphony no. 8, and I was in awe at the beauty that we were capable of producing. I knew immediately that playing horn was about to become the main focus of my life. I’ve learned many things in the last few years, but the main takeaway has been that though being a musician requires a lot of time and hard work, we can never allow ourselves to lose sight of why we do this; for me, that means remembering that performing is about connecting with audiences and sharing something universally human - every time.”

We also wish to bring to your attention that Rachel is a candidate for the Stingray Rising Star Award. This is a public choice award and we invite you to vote online.

Rachel, it is both with pride and pleasure that we were able to grow with you at orchestra and it is from all of us at WIYSO that we wish you good luck this week!