Nicholas Gallant, soloist

November 2, 2017 - This Saturday, cellist Nicholas Gallant will perform the first movement of Elgar’s cello concerto!!!

Composed after the First World War and carrying its sorrow and suffering, Elgar’s cello concerto had a very deep meaning at the time, which it still carries today.  For Nick Gallant, though, it represents a cellist’s dream, one he can now achieve himself.  Attracted by the melancholy of the melody and impressed by Jacqueline Du Pré’s recording, he has always been fond of the concerto.  Passionate about the piece, he listens to many versions:

There’s a fun one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s brother or something, I didn’t even know he was a cellist! [laughs] I found it on like Spotify!
— Nicholas Gallant

See you soon!