Interview with Jean Ai Seow

April 22, 2018 — The last series’ concert is coming soon, soon, very soon! With the last concert comes the last soloist, but also the JOINT CONCERT with the STRING ORCHESTRA!!!

Let’s discover some of the magic that goes into the String Orchestra. Today, my interview is with Jean Ai Seow, conductor of the String Orchestra for over 22 years!

Q) How do you choose your program to motivate your musicians despite the variety of their levels?
A) I take into account the level of each section when choosing the music. I also try to balance the 2nd and 3rd violin section in terms of the level of playing. Although I do not let them choose, I do try to select some pieces that they would enjoy playing, which might not be the typical classical pieces.

Q) What music inspires you? Are you inspired by a specific composer or piece?
A) I am a violinist by profession, so lots of pieces written for the violin inspire me, there are too many to name. Tchaikovsky is one of my favourite composers for symphonic works.

Q) What’s your best memory of working with the orchestra’s young musicians?
A) It is difficult to name any one event. Because I enjoy working with young people, I cherish all my 22+ years working with WIYSO. Every season and every event is a memorable one to me because the young musicians are like my foster children who grow and develop before my eyes. Because of the turnover of musicians over the years, my "musical family" is very big!

Come and listen on Sunday, May 13th, at 3:00 pm in the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall!!

See you soon,